Shares (Image credit: Canon) After debuting them in February, Canon has launched its Extender RF 1.4x and Extender RF 2x teleconverters for the EOS R family of cameras. A 2x extender is a small lens that mounts between a compatible lens and a camera, increasing the focal length or focal length range of the lens by a factor of 2x. This site receives. TC1a2 = new Image(656, 439) TC3a2.src = '' New intro top. However, Canon recommends that the New FD 300mm f/2.8L to be used with the Extender FD 2X-B instead. Condition: Excellent: Includes: Front Lens Cap, Rear Lens Cap, WAS £600 SAVE £200; £224.00; VIEW PRODUCT. TC1b.src = '' Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens, Making All Canon EF and EF-S Lenses Compatible with Canon RF Extenders. The Canon FE 2x extender is very similar to the Canon FE 1.4x Extender, and their reviews are similar, differing primarily by the magnification factor and the characteristics that difference brings. The Canon EF 2x II Extender. Canon shares: $15.00 shipping. AF performance and image quality and sharpness have been superb with the TC in place. It is ideal for photojournalists and … The real difference between the two lenses is the image stabilization. Utilizing an extender to reach a focal length that does not exist natively is a great idea. It delivers seamless communication among camera body, lens and extender, and features coatings to … is a high-quality teleconverter that preserves the image quality of the lens it's mounted to and multiplies its focal length by 2x.. Canon RF extenders are relatively expensive. TC3 = new Image(700,276) With an extender mounted behind it, a lens's native minimum focus distance remains the same, and the maximum magnification spec is increased by the extender's magnification factor. It's a Good Day at B&H: Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 OS Sports Lens – Save $400.00, SmallHD FOCUS Bolt 500 TX On-Camera Monitor – Save $800.00, More! That said, when you can't get any closer and can't use a lens with a longer native focal length, using the 2x extender makes sense. Free postage. TC3.src = '' 17 product ratings - 2X Teleconverter Extender for Canon EOS 7D 30D 40D 50D SL1 1D T4i 650D T3 T3i XS. The Canon Extender RF 1.4x and Extender RF 2x are here – but their compatibility is compromised. It multiplies your focal length by 2x and makes your effective aperture two stops less. Using 300mm for the math at the wide end makes the resulting numbers work. Canon 2X III Extender Lens Adapter. Used, Canon 2X III Extender Lens Adapter . or Best Offer. TC1b = new Image(656, 439) The Canon EF 2x III Extender mounts between your Canon EOS Digital SLR and a compatible lens (primarily Canon L Series lenses), extending the focal length of the lens by a very noticeable 2x. (Using the links on this site to make any purchase provides. TC2b = new Image(656, 439) This difference is a drastic, creating a dramatically narrower angle of view. Buying an extender over a longer lens for financial reasons can make sense, especially as the very long focal length lenses are considerably more expensive than extenders. item 1 Canon Extender EF 2x ii 1 - Canon Extender EF 2x ii. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Designed to extend a lenses focal length by a factor of 2x, the Canon Extender EF 2X III delivers optical performance on par with the finest Canon super telephoto lenses. TC1b2 = new Image(656, 439) TC2b.src = '' bigger. Our Used Stock. Overall, the RF 2x measures 2.6" (65.4mm) in length and weighs 12.0 oz (340g), essentially the same size and weight as the EF III. 2x increase of the lens's focal length; Dustproof and waterproof specifications (JIS 2 equivalent) Lens placement and coatings are optimized to minimize the ghosting; Built-in microcomputer in the extenders enables communication between lens, extender and camera Autofocus performance can be reduced with an extender in use, but the with and without 2x difference is generally not big under good light conditions. It is not hard to be impressed by those numbers. } This black-crowned night heron proved the only living subject patient enough for me to make all of the lens changes necessary for a focal length comparison using the RF 600mm and RF 800mm lenses, the first two RF extender compatible lenses to hit the streets. The RF 2x minimally increases the blur size of the native lens's lateral CA and increases barrel distortion slightly (slightly more than the RF 1.4x), nicely offsetting the pincushion distortion common at long telephoto focal lengths. With a 2x behind it, a 600mm lens becomes a 1200mm lens, and the RF 100-500mm lens with a 2x behind it becomes a 600-1000mm lens. the canon ef 2x ii extender mounts between the compatible lens and body, and multiplies the focal length settings of your lens by 2. Additional lateral CA and geometric distortion can be introduced. item 2 Canon Extender EF 2X II 2 - Canon Extender EF 2X II. Increase the focal length(s) without increasing the width of the entrance pupil, and the lens will have a narrower maximum aperture. Thus, I depend solely on the commissions received from you using the links on this site to make any purchase. I am grateful for your support! From United States. C $230.42. It makes your 70-200/2.8 into a 140-400mm f/5.6, or your 300mm f/2.8 into a 600mm f/5.6. An optically excellent lens should be selected for evaluation of the optical performance of an extender, and I'll follow up on this review when these lenses become available. Canon manufactures a couple of teleconverters, which it calls Extenders. Planned is for this site's Image Comparison Tool to have with-extender results for all extender-compatible Canon RF lenses. Get your Canon RF 2x Extender now! It increases the focal length of a lens by a factor of 2x while still delivering superb image quality. I got my 2× Extender at B&H. Only specified RF lenses are compatible, with notably the Canon RF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM Lens missing from the list. 4 available from £149.00. The noticeable impact this extender has on image quality is the primary reason for that reservation. With a 1.4x extender and the lens set to 400mm, I could resolve about 20 lines per inch, with the 2x I could get up to about 25 lines per inch when mounted on a tripod. A 70-200mm lens with a 2x extender becomes a 140-400mm lens for example. Ratings Distribution. Canon's very serious about the optics; look at the huge curved rear element: Canon RF 2× extender. Designed to double the focal length of any compatible Canon EF lens, the Canon EF 2x II extender telephoto accessory is ideal for sporting events and nature photography. The AF speed is slowed, sometimes by a noticeable amount. TC3a.src = '' TC2a2.src = '' Last one. TC3a2 = new Image(656, 439) This lens was designed for ultimate compactness, and that design resulted in a lack of sufficient space behind the rear lens element. Ending: Topaz Labs Holiday Sale: Save 30% + 15% Off All Products, Bundles, and Upgrades Sitewide Now! I plan to own and use this one. TC1a.src = '' From China. The Canon RF 2x extender used for this review was loaned from Canon USA. "Designed to perform in extremes, the exterior is coated in the same white heat shield coating as used on the RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM and RF 70-200mm lens to prevent deterioration in performance in high temperatures." The Canon EF to RF Mount Adapter moves the EF mount forward to offset the short back focus design of the RF mount and provides the communication connections required for the lens to function as native. TC2b2.src = '' Brand New. The sole advantage provided by an extender is the substantial (more like dramatic with the 2x) focal length increase it provides, magnifying the subject, a benefit often worth the disadvantages I'll share later in this review. Can anybody help me by informing that AF can work with EF 70-200mm L F4 USM + 2X extender mounted on 650D camera and how much picture quality I have to compromise for the same. Image quality of the Canon 200-400mm f/4L IS with 1.4x Extender is on par with all the Canon L-series super telephoto primes, making it the go-to lens for serious sports and wildlife photographers. The rental companies I recommend below are excellent to work with. The Extender EF 2X III from Canon is designed for select Canon EF mount L-series telephoto lenses. Used Canon Extender EF 2x III Teleconverter D 4.4. Used Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM Lens In Stock at B&H — Save $749.50 (25%), More. TC3b = new Image(656, 439) Extending a lenses focal length by a factor of 1.4x, Extender EF 1.4X III incorporates phenomenal optical performance with minimal chromatic aberration and is a perfect complement to many of Canon … Canon provides a 1-year limited warranty. Zoom and focus rings also shift away from the camera body a modest distance. Reference ID: #89232690-4c7c-11eb-97ae-951665e05782, If you think you were blocked by mistake, contact the site website administrator at Please keep in mind that using this Tele-Converter "costs" two stops of light, so your 70-200 f/2.8 will become a 140-400 f/5.6. The Extender does not actually contain any moving parts or setting rings, apart from the mount release button. Designed to extend a lenses focal length by a factor of 2x, the redesigned Canon Extender EF 2X III delivers optical performance on par with the finest Canon super telephoto lenses. Increase your lens' focal length by 2x without sacrificing image quality Ideal for press, sports and nature photography, this compact and affordable extender increases the focal length of Canon L-series telephoto or telephoto zoom lens’ by a factor of 2x, with higher AF accuracy and improved communication between camera and lens. function switchimage(imgDocID, imgObjName) { Where you buy your gear matters. The following are examples of the focal length increase provided by the RF 1.4x and 2x extenders. - Bryan, My Recommended Canon RF 2x Extender Retailers, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Viltrox C-AF 2x Magnification Teleconverter Extender Auto Focus Mount Lens Compatible with Canon EOS Ef Lens 5d Ii 7d 6d T5i T4i T3i 5d Ii 7d 6d T5i T4i T3i 1200d 760d 750d 3.1 out of … and "No compromise construction, designed for reliability and durability [snip] for use by professionals and high-end amateurs.". Canon Extender EF 2x III, White/Black . This manual comes under the category Lenses and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 7.5. Powered by PerimeterX , Inc. Javascript is disabled or blocked by an extension (ad blockers for example). Adorama Deals: Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 OS ART Lens – Only $879.00 (Save $420.00), Flashpoint XPLOR 400PRO, Slinger Electronic Dry Cabinet (85L), B&H has an OB (Like New with Fully Warranty) Sony FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens in Stock for Only $10,797.95, Gone: Used (9+) Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM Lens Available at B&H – Save Nearly $2,000.00, Last Chance: The B&H Mega Deal Zone Deal Ends Today – About 1,200 Outstanding Deals Available. Advantage: tie The Canon RF 2x Extender features a brand new 9 elements in 5 groups optical design. Buy It Now. Using extenders to save space (vs. carrying a second, larger lens) when traveling or hiking can be a good decision. This manual is available in the following languages: Engels, Zweeds. The Canon RF 2x extender is very small and light, increasing the overall lens length by only 1.55" (39.3mm) and total weight by only 12 oz (340g). TC2a2 = new Image(656, 439) A 1.4x extender will cause your maximum aperture to be reduced by one stop and a 2x extender will cause a two-stop decrease. Thank you for purchasing a Canon product. To ensure the best possible image quality in all shooting conditions, it combines redesigned optics, improved data communication between lens and camera and enhanced environmental protection. Top Rated Gear: Canon Extender EF 2x III (Tele Extender) - U.S.A. MFR: 4410B002. Look only at the difference in that comparison as the test apertures are also showing diffraction in the ultra-high resolution Canon EOS R5 test camera results. TC1b2.src = '' TC1a2.src = '' 5 out of 5 stars (34) 34 product ratings - Used Canon Extender EF 2X III Teleconverter #469. While I readily recommend photographers add a Canon FE 1.4x extender to their kits, I'm more reserved about the 2x recommendation. Decreased sharpness (resolution and contrast) is, historically, especially noticeable with a 2x mounted, and the RF 2x degradation is Canon shrunk this extender, from a mounted perspective. The Canon Extender EF lenses are a group of teleconverter lenses made by Canon.These lenses are used between any compatible EF type lens and any of the Canon EOS line of cameras. $14.90 shipping. TC2 = new Image(700,276) 120 sold. Ultra-Popular Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens in the Adorama Deals of the Day — Save $220.00! As an example, I stacked a 1.4x and a 2x extender on my Canon 400mm f/4 DO II, and pointed it down my street. I wanted to point out that at least one of the first RF lenses supporting extenders, the Canon RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Lens, This may happen as a result of the following: Please make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are not blocking them from loading. Wait, you just noticed that my math is not correct for the zoom lens example. The Canon RF 2x Extender's high-quality construction includes weather sealing, extending the protection similarly-featured lenses have. Schedule your rental now! Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Hi, I have a Canon Lens EF 70-200mm L F4 USM. £185.00. 3. //End comment tag.-->, Bringing you this site is my full-time job (typically 60-80 hours per week). It has had very little use and there are no marks, scratches or fungus on it or in it. condition is "usedmint condition this teleconverter has had very little use and comes boxed with carry pouch. Used Canon Extender EF 2X III Teleconverter #469. When combined with pro level EOS cameras & EF supertelephoto lenses with image stabilization, near imperviousness to weather extremes is achieved thanks to rubber gasket seals. Check out the Making All Canon EF and EF-S Lenses Compatible with Canon RF Extenders article for hope that future EF to RF adapters will provide this functionality. 4. [MINT w/Case] Canon Extender EF 2X Teleconverter Lens From Japan #465