0000002641 00000 n >Y˚��n�x��魐��^ ���\2�L�9"��m��/���>S���b�7A���\��2q9:��(�d,q���S�4!�!A��avĉvY)�I�&� Barley Max powder in a 8.5 oz container has 120 servings, which boasts a 2 month supply for one person. 0000082251 00000 n 5 Reason's why you should buy "HealthMax Care Mangosteen Plus Berries" capsule. As an added bonus, a study involving extract of barley leaf has shown to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol! The testimonials reflect the real life experiences of individuals who used our products and/or services. Testimonials appearing on this website are received in various forms via a variety of submission methods. Ampalaya Plus 550mg Capsule Piece/Price: 90pcs - Php 595.00 ... *Prices are subject to change without prior notice. It contains poppy seeds and raspberry that can make you look brighter. Apart from providing various types of travel accessories, Mercury also has a selection of Mercury Computing, Mercury Phones & Tablets and Mercury Stationery to choose from. The potential value of improved health outcomes for Australians from widespread, regular consumption of BARLEYmax™ is estimated to be worth approximately $305 million per year due to its potential for lowering rates of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer. 0000009642 00000 n The company is claiming that Barley Max is capable to make the body of the user gain more energy. With a price list ranging between ₱ 65.00 - ₱ 15,998.00, Sante Barley Philippines products are made from the best materials and are worth every cent spent on them. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 60 servings per month would mean 2 tsp per day. 0000004390 00000 n 1. Independent lab test results confirm that BarleyMax powder contains 3 parts per million (ppm) of gluten; the FDA standard to be considered gluten-free is 20 ppm. 0000009148 00000 n It is intended to be used only as supplementary information to consultation with your doctor. The price list for products from Mercury vary between ₱ 112.00 to ₱ 13,536.00. All rights reserved. No other juice powder compares! ... Certified Organic Barley Grass Powder Juice and Capsule. Call 0917-564-2233 to order. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This is because it facilitates burning of fat from the body to g… Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this Site is intended to provide health care advice. In stock. Barley Grass (100 Capsules 300 mg Servings) 100% Pure, Lower Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, Help Weight Loss (Packaging May Vary) 4.4 out of 5 stars 48 $11.95 $ 11 . Just mix with water or your favorite juice and enjoy the benefits... Plus, with its living enzymes and countless micronutrients, BarleyMax offers one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source! 0000010319 00000 n Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Burn fats in two weeks time. No Wellwoman Max is not suitable for vegetarians as the Omega 3-6-9 capsules contain fish oil in a pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsule. 0000071260 00000 n The pharmacy information service of Mercury Drug contains only basic drug information and must not be relied upon as substitute for professional medical care. Barley grass is a natural way to stimulate the regeneration of cells without any side effects. * GLUTEN-FREE: Barley grass is inherently gluten-free. So what makes it so different from dead, freeze-dried green juice powders? The Mercury prices are converted from Philippine pesos to U.S. dollars at 42-1. Barley also helps improve blood circulation and prevent arthritis. Great low price and secure online ordering at barleydistributor.com. Powerful anti-inflammatory 3. 95 ($0.12/Count) It destroys cancer cells and is a great source of antioxidants. BarleyMax from Hallelujah Acres. 120 capsules per month would mean taking 4 capsules per day. The BARLEYmax™Better Nutrition Report I 5 THE BARLEYmaxTM STORY CSIRO has a long history of interest in barley as a grain with human health benefits. Hence, Barley contains many vitamins needed by our bodies such as Vitamin B and C, iron and etc., making the Barley Capsule a healthy supplement for everyone of age. Barley Max is made of pure, natural, and organic New Zealand barley. Barley Max Capsules $ 55.00. Adults can obtain DHA and EPA indirectly through the conversion of the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), present in vegetable oils such as linseed but this process is very inefficient. In the late 1990s, CSIRO researchers developed a collection of new non-GM barley grains and These AMAZING Organic Barley Vegetable Capsules help boost energy and strengthen the immune system. 0000003819 00000 n High blood 4. Used under license. 0000011549 00000 n BarleyMax Capsules - (30 Day Supply) $41.95. Click Here to Learn More. COVID-19 Resources: How to protect yourself. Active Whitening White Max and Anti-Aging Dual Soap is one of the unique formulas among Active White Max Glutathione Capsule & Whitening Products. 0000008835 00000 n ;&�h. 0000014714 00000 n 0000007730 00000 n %PDF-1.5 %���� It’s safe, effective and has no synthetic side-effects. Nutrient-rich young barley grass provides energy, stamina, strength, and immunity-boosting vitamins, like the extremely beneficial Vitamin C. It contains so much vitamin C that the barley grass drink is said to have close to seven times the vitamin C in oranges. 0000054330 00000 n 0000008088 00000 n The only difference between the two is their name. It whitens your skin tone and makes you look younger. Gout 5. 4 capsules are equivalent to only 1 tsp. 0000008416 00000 n 332 0 obj <> endobj xref 332 48 0000000016 00000 n © 2020 Hallelujah Diet. BARLEYMAX is a live, naturally potent, organically-grown food produced from the juice extracted from young barley leaves when they are 10 to 14 inches in height. You can purchase Sante Barley Max over the counter in some Leading Drug Stores in the Philippines while Sante Barley Pure NZ can be purchased thru our distributors. Vital components such as chlorophyll, vitamin B, iron and phcocyanin, a blue pigment in barley grass inspires the bone marrow and supports in the creation of white and red blood cells. 0000027700 00000 n 240 capsule size (1 month supply for 1 person). 0000034297 00000 n 0000004944 00000 n Barley Max NZ 500mg Capsule | Organic Barley Grass Powder from New Zealand. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Green Barley Bottle/Price: Php - 145.00 Availability: In-Stock *Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Each capsule helps prevent colds and flu, slows down the aging process, and helps smoothen and whiten skin. Our capsules are a convenient way to bring the benefits of BarleyMax wherever you go. 0000002539 00000 n 0000001256 00000 n 0000017969 00000 n Order anywhere in the comfort of your home or office, we deliver anywhere in the Philippines via LBC, JRS, Xend, 2Go, AP Cargo, Grab express or LalaMove .Online Grocery Philippines. 0000008721 00000 n 0000021167 00000 n The unique blend of different types of fibre in BARLEYmax® whole grain has four times the level of resistant starch of most grains, 70% more β-Glucan than oats and is low GI. Take for example the green vitamins found in Barley; these vitamins maintain always keep the red blood cells in our body healthy and always present. 0000010957 00000 n Barley Juice is the easy path to loading up on youth-enhancing, muscle-building and immune-strengthening ingredients with one drink. 0000073948 00000 n Mercury Drug is the leading trusted and caring drugstore in the Philippines. 0000007350 00000 n 0000078119 00000 n The results. Santé Bar­ley Max will be hold­ing free clin­ics for all week­ends of June and July in ma­jor Mer­cury Drug out­lets. Handy and convenient to use anywhere and anytime, each sachet or capsule contains pure barley grass powder. The complete, 100% natural, whole grain that contains twice the dietary fibre of regular grain. And healthy cells help your body defend itself from free radicals, which cause DNA damage. Rebuild, recharge and fuel your body with the best and most valuable supplement available. Consult your physician or healthcare provider before beginning the Hallelujah Diet as you would any other weight loss or weight maintenance program. Made from the juice of gluten-free*, young barley and alfalfa leaves harvested at the peak of nutrition, BarleyMax is jam-packed with living nutrition you need for optimal health. 0000078080 00000 n 0000067128 00000 n 0000009449 00000 n For around the same kilojoules (calories), Digestive 1st and Protein 1st had triple the fibre, double the protein and one-third less carbohydrate which was a surprise. 0000008872 00000 n It provides your skin moisturizing experience and makes it extremely smooth. 0000050132 00000 n BarleyMax is a whole food concentrate made from the juice of young barley grass and alfalfa. 0000006102 00000 n BarleyMax Capsules are designed to promote healthy cell growth and protect your body against DNA damage that causes aging and disease. This is nothing close to a comprehensive drug price comparison. It contains so much vitamin C that the barley grass drink is said to have close to seven times the vitamin C in oranges.Barley Max is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons personal care stores. ... Sante Barley Max is available in all Mercury Drug, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, SouthStar and other leading drugstores nationwide. The Hallelujah Diet®, BarleyMax®, Hallelujah DietTM and Fall In Love With Food AgainTM are trademarks. Drivemax Herbal Capsule Drivemax Adult Herbal Capsule is a dietary supplement for men and women designed to enhance decreasing sexual performance through natural ingredients such as Tongkat Ali, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng. We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. h�b```b``�c`g`�� Ȁ �l@Q�0 ��ML<6�D,��evz;2k��=A'J3Z������th;=���$'FNǸ��b�-��4��:������6�O{O`�l2��t�-9خa��ݺ!nk� G����Ė�\JF�My��O���Ye��e~�\nk%W�Y:<8��⡑�|�GI�1��#�! On site will be a doc­tor or a nurse who will con­duct free live blood anal­y­sis or blood sugar test­ing for ev­ery pur­chase of 10 cap­sules of Bar­ley Max. Copyright © 2019 Hallelujah Diet. Since the barley grass grown to make BarleyMax is harvested before this stage, BarleyMax is gluten-free. Slower growth at this elevation allows the plant to absorb maximum nutrition from the incredibly nutrient-rich soil. 0000007646 00000 n BarleyMax ® is a juice powder that was tested against leading competitors and proven to deliver the living nutrition you need for optimal health. The Barley Max capsules (240 qty) also boast of a 2 month supply for one person. 0000024379 00000 n 0000059678 00000 n Barley Max is pure organic barley grass powder, placed in vegetable capsules, making it easier to digest. Barley Max is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons nationwide. In some cases, barley has been added to a National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) Step I diet. 0000006746 00000 n BOOST YOUR ENERGY & HEALTH - GUARANTEED! Enjoy the best prices with iPrice. 0000071299 00000 n Testimonials are not necessarily representative of what anyone else using our products and/or services may experience. 0000065932 00000 n Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. The finest quality dehydrated organic barley juice product on the market today! All Rights Reserved. The rich scent, vibrant color, and delicious, fresh taste of Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax powder are living proof its pure nutrition and health promoting power — there's nothing else like it! All Right Reserved | Company Reg. We are just giving the prices we’d have to pay at Mercury Drug where we buy most of our medications, and comparable prices from a source in India and from COSTCO, the big U.S. retail chain. The secret is how it's made. The barley cereals knock the socks off Morning Sun natural muesli or the more popular Just Right (Kellogg) for fibre. 0000031047 00000 n Local Online Groceries and Drugstore in the Philippines. Daily Amount (4g) is an excellent source of vitamin K, and chromium; also a good source of some trace minerals, Made with 100% pure organic barley and alfalfa grass juice powder, Helps increase energy, eliminate harmful toxins and supports a healthy immune system, Improved mental clarity; digestion and regularity; skin, hair and nails; and healthy cardiovascular support, Mix serving size into water and drink or consume dry, 60 servings — 1 month supply for 1 person, Great source of calcium, vitamin K, & protein. Different types of products like Santé Barley Supplements, Santé Barley Bath & Body Products and Santé Barley Dental Care Products are sold by Sante Barley. Try and buy now at all Mercury drugstore branch and see the fast result! Harvested at just the right moment for peak nutrition, the barley and alfalfa grasses is cut, washed, juiced, and dried with a patented drying process that retains the living nutrients — all in just a few hours! BarleyMax Capsules are designed to promote healthy cell growth and protect your body against DNA damage that causes aging and disease. The company is boasting of over 20 years’ experience in making supplements which both the overall good health of the digestive system and the whole body at large. Sante Barley, along with its latest endorsers Piolo Pascual, Ian Banzon, and Keith Peralta recently launched Sante Barley Max – the newest consumer product of Sante International that is now available in Mercury Drug Store nationwide. Anti tumor Bonus! Barley Max NZ by Piolo Pascual. trailer <<8CE54633EE664C1CBE474BD010A44EF1>]/Prev 771061>> startxref 0 %%EOF 379 0 obj <>stream Barley Max is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons personal care stores. The supplement is prepared by a well-known diet supplement producer company by the name Hallelujah Diet. The barley plant only becomes gluten-containing once a head of grain develops. 0000060447 00000 n Good for diabetes 2. The cost of the Sante Barley pure capsules is #12,600 while the price of the pure barley juice is #18,900 only. Barley Juice is the 21st century super food drink that provides every nutrient necessary for survival including proteins, all in 8 essential amino acids, highly alkalizing minerals and a whole range of vitamins. This powerhouse of raw, living nutrition helps your body build 300 million healthy new cells every minute of every day! 0000003168 00000 n 0000046773 00000 n Specially selected barley and alfalfa seeds are grown in a mineral-rich, volcanic lakebed at an elevation of 5,000 feet. © Watsons. Our capsules are a convenient way to bring the benefits of BarleyMax wherever you go. 0000005259 00000 n The BenefitsIn fact, BarleyMax has been shown to protect human cells from DNA damage, the "biological rust" that plays a large role in aging and disease. Both of the product are the same, both products are manufactured and came from organic young barley grass from New Zealand.